Is Facebook cheating? How I failed to advertise my 737 Flight Simulator.


In this article I will show you some real data I gathered during my ad campaign served by Facebook. I always thought it is a good idea to advertise through social networking. This time I created a game called “737 Flight Simulator” which I wanted to advertise through Facebook. 

737 Flight Simulator - my new game

Hi guys, 

Mynew game has been just released. Check it out, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! I spent a really long time making this game. You will find a great number of details inside.


Several updates to my apps

It has been a really busy year for me, a lot of contracts on my head were consuming my time, but eventually I managed to update all of my apps for iOS7, do bug fixes and there it is. 


Notification messages in iOS



In this short tutorial I am going to present you solution that I created for one of my recent apps. I thought it might be very useful to have some kind of notifications presented to the end user without requiring him to make any actions. 




Robot Saga is in APP STORE now! Free promo codes




My game was just accepter for app store, below you can find promo codes, have fun!






Promo codes: 

Tracing mechanism for iOS apps

If you are working on a big project it is usually convenient to have some kind of mechanism to find out what went wrong, what could be wrong or even what caused crash.

Here comes traces. In this post I will encourage you to use traces, they are pretty easy to implement. Someone may say "but we have NSLog to print traces".

Yes that is true. However with large project with intense use of NSLog it might happen your traces can become unreadable. Tons of traces on the screen aren't good.


Imagine following example:


My Smart Robot game is comming soon

Hey guys, 

Here is my latest iOS production. Development is coming to an end. Now I just need to wait for my new iPhone5 to make final testing before submitting to appstore.