Is Facebook cheating? How I failed to advertise my 737 Flight Simulator.


In this article I will show you some real data I gathered during my ad campaign served by Facebook. I always thought it is a good idea to advertise through social networking. This time I created a game called “737 Flight Simulator” which I wanted to advertise through Facebook. 

My initial idea was to direct advertisements to people living in a specific country so I could check & compare results with google analytics which I have installed in my app. In addition I could also compare this with sell statistics recorded by itunesconnect.

Before I start I would like to point out that Facebook offers App Installs option which is not a real app install but just click in your ad. This is so misleading for the end user so be careful.


“App installs”

I tried this method since all I wanted was to have my app downloaded in the first place. It is a paid app which is worth £1.49. I created a campaign which was focused on India so I could offer £0.01 per click on my ad. When I added my ad I was hoping to see some results quickly.

Unfortunately Facebook rejected my ad saying it does not conform to their guidelines which says that ads cannot have more than 20% of text inside. I though this is some kind of a joke because my ad which I present below doesn’t have 20% of text inside. 



And also why were they caring about my ad? If I am customer and I pay for something thats just ridiculous they can reject it. I would understand that if there was something related to rasism or this kind of things. They don’t want me to sell anything? So after I struggled with my brain I resubmitted my ad again with the same image. And again it was rejected.

So after that event I redesigned it to satisfy haters which were moderating it. I ended up with the following ad.




My first campaign started. The results were surprising to me. I achieved CTR on average of 6,15% which is enormous result. I looked at the number of “app installs” which shown me 368! I quickly checked out google analytics and realised I have 0! new users from India. So what the hell happened? Not even a single person out of 368 people installed my app? Cmon, it’s not another farting app but decent game! Ok, I thought I will check tomorrow to make sure it’s not google analytics problem. So I checked it the next day on itunesconnect and I only confirmed that there were no sales in India!


Below you can see the campaign statistics yourself.


Learning exercise?

I learned something from this exercise, I had 6% CTR which I could use to bring people to my Facebook fan page for my app. 

So I thought I will create another campaign and pay for 1000 impressions worth £0.03 which comparing this to my previous CTR should give me not likes but at least 6% clicks. So I created this campaign and waited a couple of hours to see results.

I was shocked when I saw the statistics

0.002% CTR. What is that? I received 4 clicks in the ad and as a result 1 like on my fan page. This one like costed me £2.24.


After that I realised something is wrong here, simply the numbers don't match. I didn't have new app sells, I didn’t have new likes, all I have now is less money in my pocket.


Is Facebook cheating? Answer yourself.


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